Dr. Michel AUBÉ, PhD – Co-founder and President

Dr. Michel Aubé has a diversified expertise in Life Sciences. A microbiologist by training, he pursued his graduate studies at Laval University, earning a Masters of Science degree in Cell and Molecular Biology in 2003; followed by a PhD in Physiology-Endocrinology in 2007, which was complemented by a Certificate in Immunology.

While he has been published in several prestigious medical journals on subjects including hematopoietic stem cell biology, one of Dr. Aubé's major achievements was the evaluation of the role played by environmental toxins in the incidence of breast cancer. The interest shown by the Journal of Breast Cancer on his study triggered an extensive media campaign to highlight the importance of cancer induced by environmental factors. On a different note, Dr. Aubé participated in the research and development of a novel experimental therapeutic vaccine against HIV in the laboratory of the world-renowned scientist Dr. Rafik-Pierre Sékaly; a vaccine that was later licensed to Argos Therapeutics for further development. Dr. Aubé has received many awards and citations from the Network for Research in Environmental Health.

As founder and president of BEO STIs Inc. Dr. Aubé is responsible for coordinating the strategic plan and vision, while guiding employees towards the core objectives.

Our team is complete and ready for the launch of our activities at the beginning of 2016. They will be announced when all agreement will be concluded.





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